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Inverted Nipple Correction Benefits

In most cases, the benefits of having a surgical inverted nipple correction procedure vastly outweigh the risks. Inverted nipples often affect your general breast shape, and the abnormal nipples may be visible when wearing swimsuits, revealing clothes, thin shirts, or tight clothing. You may have excessively flat nipples or slits, depressions, or holes in place of a normal protruding nipple. Not only may abnormal nipples cause public embarrassment, but they can also lead to dissatisfaction with one’s self-image and lowering of self-esteem as well as a plethora of other negative psychological emotions related to this condition. 

In these cases, surgically correcting the abnormal nipple can directly increase the aesthetic value of your breasts, leading to a boost in confidence and less fear of being seen while changing clothes. You may even feel an urge to transform your wardrobe to include those more revealing tops, thinner shirts, and tighter clothing that you were perhaps too self-conscious to adorn in the past.

Perhaps an even greater concern is that you may not be able to breastfeed if the nipple is pushed or attached far into the breast. Our procedure can hold functional value by allowing you to breastfeed your baby. For teens with nipples that suddenly inverted during breast development or older women with sudden nipple inversion, the corrective procedure may even be able to restore your nipples to their original appearance and intended function.

Fortunately, the abundance of benefits coupled with mild and infrequent serious risks warrants surgical correction for nipple inversion as a top choice for many. Because individuals vary widely, it is crucial to discuss all the benefits and risks of this procedure with your surgeon to come to an informed decision about whether or not this is the right choice for you.

It is highly recommended for you to take full advantage of the opportunity we provide for you to discuss with previous patients and learn about their firsthand experiences of our inverted nipple correction procedure.